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Criminal Investigations


The Criminal Investigations Division, or C.I.D., is comprised of, Major Crimes, Narcotics & Vice, Crime Scene Unit, and Property & Evidence.

C.I.D. is typically staffed by those women and men who have successfully tested for the position of Detective, and demonstrated a natural proficiency for investigating crimes while they were assigned to patrol duties.  Aside from conducting investigations, Detectives also perform a number of collateral duties such as participating on Special Operations Teams, conducting joint investigations with other law enforcement agencies, or assisting other departmental divisions.   All investigative personnel must be able to coordinate their activities and maintain a positive relationship with the victims they serve.

Telephone number 843-915-8345
Fax number 843-248-3207


Cpt. Brandon Strickland, Commander of CID

Captain Strickland can be contacted at 843-915-8084 or by email at

Lt. Mark Bonner, Deputy Commander of CID

Lt. Bonner can be contacted at 843-915-8037 or by email at

Mary Ann Jordan, Admin Assistant

Mary Ann Jordan can be contacted at 843-915-8017 or by email at

Susie Campbell, Admin Assistant

Susie Campbell can be contacted at 843-915-8013 or by email at




Major Crimes Unit

Cold Cases







Late Night Establishment Regulations

Late Night Establishment Regulations


Special Events Permits


Nuisance Enforcement


Adult Entertainment

Operation Identification

Pawn Shop Information

Precious Metal Permits

Towing Enforcement

False Alarm Enforcement

False Alarm Enforcement

Crime Scene Investigations

Property and Evidence

Victim's Advocate


Street Crimes

Gang Investigations

Regional Drug Analysis Lab

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