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Cold Cases


Listed below are current Cold Cases. These cases are not closed. Cold Cases continue to be worked as new information and leads come in. The Cold Cases on this page are listed in order by date of occurrence. As more information becomes available (i.e. pictures, descriptions, etc.) the victim's name will be a link to additional pages. Please look at the list below. If you have any information regarding any of these cases, please contact Det. Matt Singleton at

Name Crime Type Date Location
 Stevens, Jessie Poe  Homicide  4/12/1978  Wooded Area in Green Sea
 Mazestis, Nancy  Homicide  6/26/1978  Wooded Area near Intracoastal waterway - MB
 Colby, Joann  Homicide  9/15/1980  Conway
 Smith, Daniel  Homicide  7/5/1981  Alkaline Street in Myrtle Beach
 Evans, Henry  Homicide  8/22/1983  Rt. 1, Green Sea
 Small, Alton Eddie  Homicide  3/16/1986  "The Block" Flagpatch area of Loris
 Staples, O'Neal J  Homicide  11/27/1987  Residence in Aynor
 Preston, Heidi Nicole  Homicide  8/30/1987  Waccamaw River near Lees Landing
 Valentine, Cora  Homicide  11/30/1988  Route 1, Box 83, Freemont Road, Longs
 Vaught, Thelton  Homicide  3/8/1990  30th Ave South, Myrtle Beach
 West, Jerry  Homicide  7/26/1990  HWY 66 near the Crystal Palace Lounge (Loris)

 Sessions, Robert Lee
"AKA" Robert Lee Smiley

 Homicide  12/31/1991  Open field off 21st Ave in Myrtle Beach
 Crump, Billy Charles  Homicide  5/22/1992 Eastport Condos, Little River 
 Johnson, Shanta  Missing Person  7/19/1992  Briarcliff Mall, Myrtle Beach
 Hayslette, Andrea  Missing Person  4/28/1993  Deerfield Community, Surfside Beach
 Prince, Willie James  Homicide  10/4/1993  Blue Grass Road, Loris
 Robertson, Deborah Ann  Missing Person  1/14/1995  HWY 501, 2 miles west of Red Cross Road
 Cochran, Richard  Homicide  6/12/1996  Wrecker Service on HWY 378 near Conway
 Taylor, Woodrow  Missing Person  12/13/1997  Mt. Pisgah Cemetery  Road, Conway
Neugent, Lisa  Missing Person  9/17/1999  5981 Flossie Road, Conway
 Williams, Kent  Homicide  11/29/1999  2493 HWY 501 E, Conway
 Bolton, Barry J.  Homicide  4/16/2000  State Branch Cemetery off Beverly Road
 Fuentes, Alphonzo  Homicide  9/16/2000  4200 Green Sea Road
 Bellamy, Alfred  Homicide  11/02/2001  3829 Favor Road, Little River
 Jordan, Tracy  Homicide  11/26/2001  Aynor
 Watts, Sheldon  Homicide  5/10/2005  3065 Little Bethel road, Green Sea
 Barker, Timothy Buck  Homicide  7/7/2006  1615 O'Neil Road, Loris








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