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1980's Cold Cases


File # 95-202     Case # none     (Open) Joann Colby


On September 15th, 1980 Joann Colby was reported missing by Roy Colby who is the victim’s son. The victim lived in the Myrtle Beach section of Horry County, South Carolina.   Joann Colby’s body was found in a vehicle truck in the Conway section of Horry County.    The victim was stabbed.

File # 81-278     Case # none   (Open) Daniel P. Smith
The victim was found dead next to a 1978 Datsun vehicle on Alkaline Street in the Myrtle Beach section of Horry County, South Carolina on July 5th, 1981 around 3:45 am.    The victim a black male from Georgetown, South Carolina was identified as Daniel P. Smith. The victim died as a result of being shot.
File # 95-193     Case # 260400     (Open) Henry Evans
On August 22nd, 1983 Henry Evans was found dead in his yard at Rt. 1, Green Sea, South Carolina around 6:00am.   The victim Henry Evans was a thirty five year old black male and he was physically assaulted.
File # 92-399      Case # 8735947    (Open) O’Neal   J. Staples
On November 28th, 1987 the body of O’Neil J. Staples was found at his residence in the Aynor section of Horry County, South Carolina.     The victim was assaulted. The victim was a well-known businessperson in the Aynor section of Horry County, South Carolina.
File # 92-335    Case # 9726629    (Open) Victim: Heidi Nicole Preston
The Horry County Police Department responded to a female being located in the Waccamaw River on August 30th, 1987.       The cause of her death was a physical assault.      The victim was last seen at the Southern Comfort Saloon on Highway 544 on August 29th, 1987.   She was identified as Heidi Nicole Preston age fourteen. The victim was living with her sister in the Myrtle Beach section of Horry County, South Carolina.
File # 87-485      Case # 8724937     (Closed) Victim: Linwood Stalvey
On August 4th, 1987 Linwood Stalvey was last seen at the Scotchman #31 Store on Highway 501 By-pass after midnight. On August 11th, 1987 Linwood Stalvey’s brother reported him missing along with his vehicle a 1986 Chevy Caprice.   On August 20th, 1987 the Stalvey vehicle was found in Nassau County, New York and human blood and hair was found inside the truck area.   Mr. Linwood Stalvey’s body was found on a vacant lot near where the vehicle was found in Mineola, New York.   Horry County Police assisted in the investigation being conducted by the Nassau County, New York police.
File # 88-790       Case # 8840668     (Open) Victim Cora Eva Valentine
On November 30th, 1988 Cora Eva Valentine age eight-five of Rt. 1, Box 83, Freemont Road, Longs, South Carolina was found dead at her home.   She had been physically assaulted.    There was evidence she was a victim of a robbery.    She lived with family members.
File # 89-141     Case # 033810-86    (Open) Alton Eddie Small

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