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1990's Cold Cases


File # 90-153     Case #9005987       (Open) Thelton Vaught
On March 8th, 1990 the victim Thelton Vaught age thirty-eight was shot at 30th Ave South, Atlantic Beach, South Carolina.   The victim was working during the time of the incident and was shot outside the place of business.
File # 90-552     Case # 9021245       (Open) Jerry West
On July 26th, 1990 around 9:30pm the Horry County Police Department responded to Rt. 5 Highway 66 near the Cyrstal Palace Lounge in the Loris section of Horry County, South Carolina in reference.
File # 02-4292       Case # 9141430     (Open) Robert Lee Sessions
On December 13th, 1991 around 3;00pm the body of a black male was found in a open field off 21st Ave in the Myrtle Beach section of Horry County, South Carolina. The victim was identified Robert Lee Session was identified and his cause of death was being shot.
File # 92-856           Case # 9217100     (Open) Billy Charles Crump
On January 4th, 1992 around 12; 20am in the parking lot of the victim’s residence two unknown males shot and killed the victim Billy Charles crump after he got out of his vehicle. His wife was a witness and was unharmed.     Robbery was not a motive.   The victim and his wife had arrived home in the Little River section of Horry County, South Carolina after closing their Bingo business.
File 93-722         Case # 9314009        (Open)   Andrea Hayslette
On April 24th, 1993 the mother of two Andrea Lynn Hayslette was last seen.    The victim lived in Deerfield in the Surfside Beach section of Horry County, South Carolina with her husband and two small children.   She was attending Coastal Carolina University.    The victim is 5’ 3 and 100 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. She was born March 6th, 1964.    The victim disappeared without a trace.   She was a student and a dedicated mother.     The victim’s parents reported her missing on April 28th, 1993 after they did not hear from her and had gotten several different stories from her husband.
File 93-718                 Case # 9336936       (Open)    Willie James Prince
On October 4th, 1993 around 8:25 pm the victim was found dead inside his residence at Blue Grass Road in the Curley section of Horry County, South C   Carolina. Blue Grass Road is in the Loris section of Horry County.    The victim Willie James Prince a.k.a. as “Big Willie” age forty-five was found shot. 
File   96-931                Case # 9622855        (Open)     Richard Cochran
The victim was last seen on June 12th, 1996 around 1:00am being dropped off at his residence at Gore Road and Highway 319, Conway, South Carolina by a friend he had worked with that evening. The victim Richard Cockran was married with children.    His body was discovered on June 12th, 1996 inside his vehicle at Parker’s Wrecker Service on Highway 378 near Conway, South Carolina. The victim was stabbed to death at another location and transported to the location on Highway 378.   The victim’s car was a dark blue, late model Ford Tarus GL, with South Carolina tags KSK-515
File                         Case # 9964677            (Open)   Lisa Myers Neugent
The victim disappeared from Horry County, South Carolina sometime between September 9th, 1999 and was reported missing on September 17th, 1999.    The victim lived with her boyfriend at 5981 Flossie Road, Conway, South Carolina. The victim Lisa Myers Neugent who is a white female and is 5’5 and 160 pounds has not been seen or heard from since September 9th, 1999.    She was age twenty-two in 1999.    There is reason to believe she is a victim of a homicide.
File   00-1109              Case # 9978091         (Open)    Kent Williams
The victim was an employee of Clayton Mobile Homes at 2493 Highway 501 east, Conway, South Carolina.       He was working when a person or persons shot and killed him on November 12th, 1999 sometime in the evening hours. The victim Kent Williams had a family.    He was murdered at his place of emplacement.   The strange thing about this murder is that in Florence County, South Carolina another Clayton Mobile Home employee Corey Chernin was murder while working in December 1999

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