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False Alarms Reduction and Enforcement


If your home or business has installed or utilizes an alarm system for the deterrence of theft or burglary, or the prevention of fire, then the Horry County False Alarm ordinance will apply to your business or residence. These rules were enacted to minimize the costs and response by public safety personnel to false alarms. Horry County Police and Fire will always respond to alarm activations, but find it necessary to reduce the responses to false alarms. We highly recommend, encourage, and request that owners/operators of alarm systems learn how to operate the alarm systems, and how to cancel false alarm activations which will increase the effectiveness of our emergency response personnel.

The Horry County Police Department and Government do NOT wish to fee any resident or business.  We do NOT want the money, we want to REDUCE false alarm responses.  Our public safety officers time is more valuable than the fees received.  We need the officers free to respond to legitimate criminal incidents rather false alarms.  We understand accidents occur, however we need residents and businesses to take responsibility for their alarm systems, and cancel false alarm activations.  Please learn how to cancel your false alarms, and disseminate this information to your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.

Contact us for questions regarding False Alarm Reduction and Enforcement:

Meliah Littlejohn
2560 N. Main St, St 7
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False Alarm Ordinance

Frequently Asked Questions

Will alarms activated by strong storms or “unusually violent conditions of nature” be counted towards totals?

  • No

What is the 12 month period utilized by the county to determine violations?

  • Period begins after first false alarm

How many false alarms may a resident/business have occur before fees will be assessed?

  • 2

How can a resident/business avoid alarm fees?

  • Cancel false alarm activations by contacting your alarm company and instruct your alarm company to contact Horry County Dispatch to cancel police or fire response. If police or fire don’t respond, it doesn’t count.

How much is the fee for 3rd or subsequent false alarm activations and responses?

  • $200

Can a copy of the rules and regulations be obtained for review by the public?

  • Yes, click the link above to read the ordinance on false alarms

Who should be contacted for further additional questions about the false alarm regulations?

  • See Contact above

Does the county want to fee residents and businesses for false alarms?

  • NO

Does the county want to reduce false alarm responses?

  • Yes

Is the time of Horry County Public Safety officer more valuable than the fees received from false alarms?

  • Yes, the time to respond to legitimate calls for service is more important to the County than the fees.

What can residents and businesses do to help Public Safety officers?

  1. Please learn how to operate your alarm system, and how to cancel response on accidental/false alarms.
  2. Update your contact phone numbers with the alarm company, and establish emergency contacts with phone numbers.

Who should we contact if a false alarm occurs?

  1. Alarm monitor company
  2. Police and Fire dispatch 843-248-1520

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