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Late Night Establishment Regulations



If your business is engaged in or contemplating allowing alcohol consumption and will operate or be open for use by patrons, for any length of time, between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m. on any given day of the week, please review the Late Night Establishment Regulations for the necessary requirements and regulations. If your business requires a Preclearance Letter, please complete the application online, then print a copy, and mail to the contact person listed below.

The issuance of the Preclearance Letter does not authorize the recipient to operate a late night establishment. Rather, after receiving a Preclearance Letter, the recipient must also obtain a valid certificate of zoning compliance or special exception issued in accordance with Horry County’s zoning laws, and thereafter a valid Business License.

Late Night Establishment Regulations Late Night Establishment Application Late Night Establishment Safety PlanLate Night Establishment Renewal


Please read the Late Night Establishment Regulations link above

Mail application or safety plan to the address below:

Horry County Police Department
c/o Regulatory Unit
2560 N. Main St, St 7
Conway, SC 29526

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a yearly fee?

  • Yes, $250 regulatory fee is required every year.

What form of payment is accepted?

  • Personal, business, certified check or money order. Make check payable to HCPD.

If I already have an exsisting late night establishment, do I need a preclearance letter?

  • No, unless notified otherwise. However, a safety plan is required (See Section 12.5-173).

Where can I complete fingerprinting cards for application?

  • HCPD - South Precinct, 9630 Scipio Ln, Myrtle Beach
    (843) 915-7953
    Monday & Friday
  • HCPD – North precinct, 109 Hwy 57N, Little River
    (843) 915-5685
    Monday & Friday
  • HCPD – Central Precinct, 2560 N Main St, Conway
    (843) 915-8340
    Tuesday & Thursday
  • HCPD - West Precinct, 5527 Hwy 9, Green Sea, SC 29545
    (843) 915-5351
    Wednesday & Thursday

What is needed to comply?

  • See ordinance link above

Where do I obtain a PCL?

  • See above

Who do I mail or give application?

  • See above

Does the application need to be signed and notarized?

  • Yes

Does this affect my current late night establishment or restaurant business?

  • Yes

Does my business need to obtain a PCL if my business closes before midnight?

  • No

Does my business need to obtain a PCL if my business does not offer or allow alcohol consumption on the premises?

  • No

How long does the application process take to process?

  • Approximately 60 days after the filing of a complete application.

What order should I obtain all necessary licenses, letters, and permits?

  1. Preclearance letter
  2. Zoning compliance letter
  3. Business license

How long is a PCL valid?

  • One year, but may be renewed for two additional years if no changes in information (See section 12.5-174).

How do I obtain additional answers if I have additional questions?


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