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Bloodhound Tracking Team


The Horry County Police Department's Bloodhound Tracking Team (BTT) is a specialized tactical team consisting of eight officers and four dogs. The team is on call 24/7 to assist the police department and other agencies with fleeing felons, lost or missing children, Alzheimers patients, and evidence recovery.

Each member is cross-trained in dog handling, man tracking, and both rural and urban tactical skills and movement.

The team has 4 purebred bloodhounds. Red, Bell, and Babe are littermates and have been with the department for approximately 5 years. Their mother was a cadaver dog that worked at the World Trade Center during the 9-11 aftermath. The fourth bloodhound, Dru, has been working with the department for 4 years.

The bloodhounds extraordinary sense of smell and the training of the BTT officers has led to multiple captures of dangerous felons and the safe recovery of multiple missing/lost children and elderly persons.

Lt. Warren Larrimore
Sgt. Cole Hardee  -Team Leader
Cpl. Justin Miller - Team Leader
Cpl. Jeffery Todd
Pfc. Mark Johnson
Pfc. James Green
 Pfc. Brian Church


Btt 2007-8-1 00024_2.jpg   Btt 2007-8-1 00028_2.jpg

Btt 2007-8-1 00014_2.jpg   Btt 2007-8-1 00018_2.jpg


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