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Bomb Squad



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The Horry County Police Department Bomb Squad's mission is to preserve life, limit destruction of property and restore operations to a normal state during high risk situations involving the use or threatened use of explosives, nuclear, chemical, biological or other hazardous elements.  The mission is accomplished through the use of specialized training, equipment and tactics in a professional manner that inspires confidences in the community.

Team Contacts



Bomb Squad Responsibilities:

  •  Provide training to Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, local businesses, and civilian organizations, on the recognition of explosives, and improvised explosive devices. Assist those groups in establishing proper procedures for handling of bomb calls and safely completing bomb searches.
  •  Identify and render safe suspicious packages, hazardous devices or weapons of mass destruction, located in and near Horry County.
  •  Threat assessments of government and civilian structures.

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What is an Explosive?

An Explosive is an energetic material that undergoes an exothermal chemical reaction in a fraction of a second, releasing a large amount of energy. Normally designed to create an instantaneous production of superheated gases, which rapidly expand into a greater


Explosive Hazards


Energetic material (explosives) can become very unstable through time! Old explosives and blasting caps should never be touched; the slightest movement can cause an unwanted detonation (Especially Old Dynamite and Copper Blasting Caps).

Most Explosives are very sensitive to heat, shock, friction, and static electricity (the static electricity created by the human body in enough to cause an unwanted detonation).  

Often, explosives contain toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin.

Post –detonation:

Unexploded Material
Toxic Fumes
Damage to structure, and utilities that can cause further injury. .

Report Suspicious Item

Suspicious Package    Explosives   Military Ordnance   Other

Please call 911 if this is a possible life-threatening situation! Otherwise, call (843) 626-1300, or Team Commander below:

All information will be kept confidential

If you are in unauthorized possession of explosive material, you can be charged with a Felony. Individuals that voluntarily report such possession will not be charged; however, all others will be.    (843) 915-5350

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