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Honor Guard


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The Horry County  Police Department Honor Guard was formed in 2003 for the purpose of providing ceremonial services for Horry County Police officers, active, or retired.

The Honor Guard Team represents the organization, members, and  their families at police funerals,  parades, and other ceremonial occasions , both solemn and festive.  The goal of the unit is to render honors, preserve tradition, instill pride, and stimulate Esprit-de-corps.

The Honor Guard exists to pay respect and to give honor to those who in the exemplary fashion, and more importantly, to remember those whose lives were dedicated to the service of their community.

The Honor Guard is a self-sufficient unit that trains together as a flexible and extremely disciplined team.  The Honor decorum, respect, and strives toward perfection in presentation and display of The Colors of the State of South Carolina, and the United States of America.

Primary Functions of the unit are to perform at parades, holiday observances, burials of police officers, and other public exhibitions, as deemed appropriate by the Chief of Police.

Sgt. Will Hall is the Honor Guard Team Leader.

Sgt. Hall may be contacted by email at

Honor Guard


Sgt. Will Hall - Team Leader Pfc. Mary Cody
Pfc. Mike Ambrosino Pfc. Zack Reffey
Pfc. Charles Moore  Cpl. Rikki Ruggerio
 Inv. Jill Domogauer  Pfc. C. J. Mullinax


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