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  • Beach Patrol


    The beach patrol section of the South Precinct is responsible for the beachfront areas of the unincorporated areas of Horry County. In addition to being state certified officers, beach patrol officers receive specialized training in ocean life guarding, CPR-PR, personal watercraft operation, first aid and participate in open water training throughout the season.

    Beach Patrol
  • Honor Guard


    The Horry County Police Department Honor Guard was formed in 2003 for the purpose of providing ceremonial services for Horry County Police officers, active, or retired.

    Honor Guard
  • Honor Guard


    Honor Guard
  • Swat


    While the goal of every Police Officer is to save lives and de-escalate the potential for violence, there are times when a violent suspect must be prevented from killing innocent victims or bystanders. SWAT marksmen are highly trained and disciplined to make precision rifle shots at several hundred yards away. The team also utilizes 'less-than-lethal' weapons such as the Taser, wood, foam, beanbag, and various chemical agents, all employed to prevent the use of police firearms.

  • Swat


  • Swat



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For the non-emergency line, call 843-248-1520. 


In an emergency, dial 9-1-1.


Welcome to the Horry County, South Carolina Police Department's web page. We are excited that this highly mobile and accessible medium has provided us the opportunity to guide you to any particular interest you may have concerning our philosophy, organizational structure, facilities, functions and general information. We have attempted to design this web page for easy reference and interesting enlightenment.

The Horry County Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency. Established as the primary county law enforcement agency in 1959 by legislative decree and overwhelmingly re-endorsed by our citizens in a 1998 referendum, the Horry County Police Department is the only remaining county police department in the State of South Carolina. We believe that our survival is the direct result of professional and futuristic leadership and the delivery of law enforcement services with an emphasis upon sensitive, ethical and consistent concern for community based problem solving combined with effective and efficient traditional emergency responses.

As you will notice, when you refer to our mission statement, our philosophy is highly geared toward treating our peers as well as our citizens with courtesy, dignity and respect. We emphasize in our recruitment efforts that we are looking for good people to train as good police officers. We believe that a person lacking quality characteristics cannot simply be turned into a productive and representative police officer.

We have worked very hard to become a contemporary law enforcement agency constantly striving to improve technology, training, cultural diversification, education, physical fitness, youth orientation, and high morale. We consider our work environment and profession as a major factor in the stability of our community and our personal welfare. We are committed to providing career opportunity based upon merit, skill, self-improvement, performance and initiative for our staff of 315 employees.

Please look through our site and learn about our family of dedicated police officers and support personnel. We are proud to assist you in any way we can. Enjoy your visit!

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