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Pawnbrokers are a business that have existed for hundreds of years, and are a legally approved business in the State of South Carolina and Horry County.  However, pawnbrokers are regulated by local, state, and federal law.  To review the laws that regulate pawnbrokers, please click on the links below.

SC Pawn Law
Horry County Pawn Ordinance
Conway Pawn Ordinance
Myrtle Beach Pawn Ordinance
North Myrtle Beach Pawn Ordinance

In South Carolina, the Department of Consumer Affairs regulates and administers pawnbrokers.  For questions and answers regarding state pawn law and regulations, or to file a complaint about a pawnshop, please contact:

SC Department of Consumer Affairs
3600 Forest Dr, 3rd floor
Columbia, SC29250
SC Pawnshop Complaint Form


Contact us for questions regarding pawn shops:
John Lewis
2560 N. Main St, St 7
Conway, SC 29526


Frequently Asked Questions

Horry County Pawnshops

Name Address Phone Fax Police Contact Manager/Owner
Dicks Pawn 501 4765 Hwy 501, MB 236-7735 903-5258 Suzanne Rodney King
Bay Pawn 4715 S Kings Hwy, MB 238-7296 238-2977 Same Phil coleman
Dicks Pawn 544 1155 Dick Pond Rd, SB 238-1830 238-9355  Tina Bryant David
Friendly's Pawn 2460 S Hwy 17Bus, MI 652-0171 652-0172 Angela Stiles Michael Stiles
Crossroads Pawn 4257 Sea mountain Hwy, LR, SC 843-399-9199   Barbara  David
Pawn South 603 Church, Conway City 488-4692 488-1812 Same Danny
701 Pawn 4430 Broad, Loris City 756-3730 756-0677 Same Phillip Dorman
Thee Pawn Shop 2905 Hwy 17S, Atlantic Beach 272-5678 272-5678 Same Jimmy Mckenzie
Dicks Pawn NMB 860 Hwy 17S, NMB City 272-6705 272-7061    
Little River Pawn 1326 Hwy 17, Little River 249-3888 249-3888 Same Jimmy Strange
State Line pawn 2229 Hwy 17n, Little River 427-7897  427-7898 Same Candi
We Pawn SC 82 Cloverleaf Dr #104, Longs  399-7296      Wanda Wilder 
Dicks Pawn 1852 10th Ave N, MB City 903-7296 839-2743   Zach
MB Pawn 1007 Broadway, MB City 626-7975   Blake Henry Jimmy M
Dicks Pawn 2564 Main St, Conway City 843-903-7296     Derek Chewning

Frequently Asked Questions

My car or home was burglarized and my property was stolen. What should I do?

  1. Call the police, and file a police report. Let the police investigate to identify common patterns with other crimes and attempt to locate your property and the suspect.
  2. Search the local area pawnshops after one week has expired.
  3. SC law requires pawnshops to keep all newly obtained property in the back on hold before it can be sold. This gives law enforcement one week to determine if any of the property has been reported stolen.
  4. Be polite and respectful to the pawnshop employees. Ask for their cooperation, but they are not required to release any customer information to the public.
  5. Ask if they had any similar property to your stolen property pawned within the last week.
  6. Look around the public displays for your stolen property after one week.
  7. If you believe you found one of your stolen items, take the property to the manager, and notify the local law enforcement to respond for further investigation.

What should I do if I suspect my stolen property is at a pawnshop?

  1. If you know which pawnshop your property is located, proceed to the pawnshop, and ask to speak to the manager.
  2. Explain that you are victim of a theft, and you believe your property is located there.
  3. Be polite and respectful to the pawnshop manager, and ask for their cooperation.
  4. If you have the full name of the suspect, ask the manager to check his customer database. Explain you are not requesting social security number, date of birth, or driver’s license number. You are only attempting to verify if the suspect pawned your stolen property.
  5. If you’re stolen property is located, contact local law enforcement immediately to file a police report and further investigation.

I have a suspect’s full name (first and last name) or know who stole my property, and they admit to taking my stolen property to the pawnshop, what can I do?

  1. Obtain the pawn receipt from the suspect, which would list the suspects name, your stolen property, and pawnshop business name and address.
  2. Go to the pawnshop and call the local law enforcement police to meet you there. Wait for the police to arrive.
  3. File a police report with officer and give the pawn receipt to the officer.
  4. The officer will coordinate the investigation and retrieval of your stolen property.

I went to the pawnshop, but the pawnshop refused or declined to assist me, what can I do?

  1. Be polite and respectful to the pawnshop employees. Ask for their cooperation, but they are not required to release any customer information to the public.

What information is the pawnshop required to obtained from the customer?

  1. According to SC law, a pawnshop must obtain full name, address, identification card number, date of birth, and full description of the property sold by the customer.

Why can’t I obtain my stolen property immediately?

  1. The SC law permits a 10 day hold on stolen property. After the 10 day hold, the property can be released if the pawnshop business does not file a complaint in magistrates court.

The pawnshops instructed me to contact the police to search the police computers for my stolen property?

  1. Yes, contact or respond to your local law enforcement agency, and the officer can search the police computers which have access to the pawnshops records.


Georgetown Pawnshops

Name Address Phone Fax Police Contact Manager/Owner
Golfer's Closet 4524 Hwy 17 Bypass, MI 357-1621      
Stereo Video Center 305 E Main St., Andrews 843-264-8461      
Money Man Pawn 508 S Fraser St, Gtown City 546-4547 546-1469   Dawn Ard

Williamsburg Pawnshops

Name Address Phone Fax Police Contact Manager/Owner
TNT Pawn 1445 N Longstreet Hwy, Kingstree 843-401-4160      
Yanks 1629 Hemingway Hwy, Hemingway 843-558-2311      
Corner Gun and Pawn 120 E Main Street, Kingstree 843-354-3243      

Marion City and County Pawnshops

Name Address Phone Fax Police Contact Manager/Owner
Low Country Pawn 1202 E. Godolt, Marion 423-1087 275-0921 Charles Fuentes  
Al's Pawn and music 101 S Main St , Mullens 464-9592   Jack Demarco  

Florence City and County Pawnshops

Name Address Phone Fax Police Contact Manager/Owner
Pawn Express 511S Irby St, Florence 843-678-9227      
Pawn Express II 1620 S Irby St, Florence 843-678-9117 843-665-7500    
76 Pawn and Gold 101 E Smith St, Timmonsville 843-346-5796 843-346-5898    
Ricks Pawn #1 225 W Lucas St, Florence 843-662-1030 843-679-5777    
Ricks Pawn #2 804 E Palmetto St, Florence 843-662-1070 none    
Ricks Pawn #4 1415 S Church St, Florence 843-662-6374 none    
Ricks Pawn #5 3314 S Palmetto St, Florence 843-667-1090 none    
Fludds Pawn & Gun 1210A W Evans St, Florence 843-669-7363 843-665-0661    
Cash Cown Pawn & Gun 212 N Ron Mcnair blvd, Lake City 843-374-4653 none    
Fludds Lake City Pawn E Main St, Lake City 843-394-3979 843-394-3979    
Precision Lapidary 2015D W Evans St, Florence 843-669-0223 none    

Dillon Pawnshops

Name Address Phone Fax Police Contact Manager/Owner
Coastal Gun and Pawn 214 S Richardson St, Latta 843-752-5851      
 Ricks Pawn  506 Radford Blvd, Dillon, SC 29536 843-841-1001     Dan/Mary Jeffers

Charleston Area Pawnshops

Name Address Phone Fax Police Contact Manager/Owner
Money Man Pawnshop 116 S Goose Creek Blvd, Goose Creek, SC 29445 843-797-1702      
Money Man Pawnshop 824 Folly Rd, Charleston, SC 843-762-7999      
Money Man Pawnshop 5251 Dorchester Rd, N Charleston, SC 29418 843-552-3236      
Money Man Pawnshop 450 Meeting St, Charleston 843-577-9111      
Money Man Pawnshop 10150 Dorchest Rd #206 Summerville, SC 29485 843-873-8150      
Money Man Pawnshop 135 Farmington Rd, Summerville, SC 29483 843-851-7296      
Cash America Pawn 4400 Dorchester Rd St 112, N Charleston, SC 843-744-1136      
Cash America Pawn 8530 Rivers Ave, N Charleston, SC 29406 843-553-1966      
Cash America Pawn 1208 N Main St, Summerville, SC 29483 843-821-4355      
Fast Money Pawn 1024 N Main St, Summerville, SC 29483 843-871-6720      
Taylors Pawnshop 565 King St, Charleston, SC 843-722-4545      
Georges Loan & Music 516 King St, Charleston, SC 843-723-1051      
Gene's Pawnshop 5818 Rivers Ave, N Charleston, SC 29406 843-225-2535      
Mr. Flap's Pawnshop 115 N Goose Creek Blvd, Goose Creek, SC 29445 843-824-5700 843-824-5777    
A&A Pawnbroker 3937 Rivers Av, Charleston 843-747-7948      
Low Country Pawn 1738 Ashley River Rd, Charleston 843-769-5500      
Mega Pawn 5654 Rivers Ave,
Charleston, SC 29406
Patriots Pawn 6842 Rivers Ave
N. Charleston, SC 29406
Rome Auto Pawn 2606 Ashley Phosphate Rd, N. Charleston, SC  843-764-1558      

North Carolina Pawn Shops

Name Address Phone Fax Police Contact Manager/Owner
Pawn USA, INC #6 5001-4 Main St, Shallotte 910-754-7918 910-754-7926    
Pawn USA, INC #7 312 Village Rd, Leland, NC 28451 910-371-2122 910-371-6000 Candice January
Pawn USA, INC #5 1134 S Madison St, Whiteville, NC 28472 910-640-3344 910-640-0806 Brian (owner)  
Pawn USA, INC #4 4127 Oleadner Dr, Wilmington, NC 28403 910-392-1177 910-392-3004 Mark  
Pawn USA, INC #2 2392 Carolna Beach Rd, Wilmington, NC 28401 910-251-1200 910-251-1750 Dave  
Pawn USA, INC #1 3922 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28403 910-763-7682 910-763-5367 Sam Barbara Jordan
Jims Pawn   910-799-7314   Darin Keenan
Intercoastal   910-251-1494   Larry  
College Rd Pawn   910-799-1940   Troy  
East Coast Pawn   910-343-1002   Mary  
Picasso Pawn 5030 Market St, Wilmington, NC 910-452-2274   Melinda  
Flash Cash Jewelry and Pawn 1706 Dawson St, Wilmington NC 28403 910-763-5444 910-763-5588 Mary/Billy  
OPM Pawn   910-763-5930   Bill  
Pawn South   910-251-8804   Nick  
Atlantic Pawn   910-791-7714   Jim  
Hanover Pawn   910-793-1205      
Finkelstein Pawn   910-763-7377   Bobby  
Port city Pawn   910-799-6113      
Redgator Pawn 7227-2 Beach Dr, Ocean Isle Beach 910-579-6770 Same Chrissy Gentle Andy
A & G Pawn and Jewelry 5930 Beach Dr SW, Shallotte 910-575-5941 910-575-5942 Alan Hanna  
Genny's Pawn 437 Holden Beach Rd, Shallotte 910-754-2717 910-754-5474 Genny Marvin
Pawn South 218 N Brown St,Chadbourn, NC 910-654-3318 910-654-4442 Amillia  
Pawn South 106 E 5th St, Tabor City 910-653-2484 910-653-9185 Connie Hedwin  
Pawn South 433 S Madison, Whiteville 910-640-3318 910-642-3958 Ron Jones Sammy


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