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Towing Enforcement


Towing Laws and local ordinances regulates and mandates who and how towing businesses can operate and conduct their businesses. The Horry County Police Department regulates towing businesses based on the Horry County Ordinance. Businesses that apply and obtain a Horry County business license to operate as towing business will be subject Horry County towing ordinance below. The law requires the business to keep documentation on each vehicle towed. To review the state laws and Horry County ordinance, please click on the appropriate links below.

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HCG Tow Ordinance

MB Tow Ordinance

Conway City Tow Ordinance

NMB City Tow Ordinance

SC Towing laws:


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a towing business license?

  1. Contact the Horry County Business License Department.

Do I need a Horry County business license if I have a city business license?

  1. Yes, if a city business wishes to tow or conduct business in the county jurisdiction, a Horry County business license is required.

Who do I contact to obtain a towing business inspection?

  1. Contact the law enforcement agency (, Horry County PD, Myrtle Beach PD etc.) that has jurisdiction where your proposed business will be located.
  2. If your business is located in Horry County jurisdiction, see above contact person.

Who regulates towing businesses?

  1. SC Law.
  2. Horry County Police Department.

How do I join the Horry County Police Department wrecker rotation program?

  1. Review Horry County Ordinance above.
  2. Contact Towing Administrator above.

Are the maximum towing fees set by County Ordinance?

  1. Yes, Review Horry County Ordinance above.

Are there additional insurance requirements?

  1. Yes, Horry County Government must be added as additional named ensured.

How long is a towing business required to keep documentation of towing?

  1. 3 years.

Is a written agreement between a tow company and a property owner required for private property tows?

  1. Yes, and the agreement needs to filed with the Towing Administrator above.

Is a tow company required to notify law enforcement after towing a vehicle?

  1. Yes, notified Police Dispatch at 843-248-1520 within 30 minutes.

Can a tow company that repossessed my vehicle hold my personal property in the vehicle until I pay a fee?

  1. No, a tow company must return any personal property within the vehicle to the owner without a fee.


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