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Technology Unit


The Technology Unit is comprised of a Manager, one Crime Analyst, and one Application Support Analyst.

The Technology Unit is responsible for developing, acquiring, and maintaining new technologies to assist Horry County Police Officers in the discharge of their duties.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Maintaining and training Officers in the use of the Mobile Data Terminals assigned to all Horry County Police Patrol Units. These Mobile Data Terminals allow the Officers of the County Police Department to perform a variety of inquiries in the field that previously had to be requested through Horry County 911 Dispatch. The terminals also allow Officers to complete their incident reports online. This improves not only the legibility of reports, but also makes them immediately available to other Officers and Investigators that may be working the same case.
  • Maintaining and Administering the departments electronic Records Management System. The Records Management System is where all Horry County Police reports and associated case documents are stored. The Horry County Police also hosts 11 other Law Enforcement Agencies on our records management system. The Technology Unit is responsible for supporting and being a Liaison to these agencies. 
  • Generating a variety of statistical reports, from multiple data sources, to assist the Horry County Police Department, and other agencies, with crime detection and prevention. Also, providing crime mapping capabilities to the County Police and other agencies.
  • Maintaining, Administering, and training Officers in the use of, a variety of software applications to assist them in their day to day duties. These software applications vary from predictive policing to simple office efficiency.
  • Maintaining, Administering, and training Officers in the use of the departments digital video recording system. This system is present in all patrol vehicles. 
  • Maintaining all Officers’ certifications for the appropriate level of access to NCIC.
  • Providing User support on all of the departments hardware and software applications.
  • Testing and evaluating new technologies as they become available.

The Technology Units day to day mission is ensure that our Officers have the tools necessary to serve the Public in the most efficient manner possible.

Crime Analyst  - Olaf Jonasson may be contacted at 843-915-7977 or by email at

Applications Support Analyst - Cameron Strickland



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